Pressurized Tanks & Pressure Vessels from the Fabricators Who Built the Precision Stainless® Reputation

Our pressurized tanks and pressure vessels feature HOLLOWAY's innovative vessel design.

If your success requires pressurized tanks and pressure vessels, and you prefer products that are made in America, then you likely remember the standard of excellence Precision Stainless® established. Today, the very same owners and pressure vessel fabricators who built the Precision Stainless® reputation continue our relentless demand for perfection as HOLLOWAY AMERICA.

By merging the core personnel from Precision Stainless® and HOLLOWAY, Inc., we’ve assembled the group of engineers and pressure vessel fabricators with the experience and creative vision to execute even the most unique pressurized tanks.

Pressurized Tanks That Exceed the Strictest Standards

Whether it’s a pharmaceutical tank, food tank, chemical tank, or any other types of pressure vessels, our certified engineers and fabricators maintain an obsessive attention to detail on every pressure vessel we make. We carefully plan and manage the project from idea to reality, because it’s the best way to ensure pressurized tanks meet HOLLOWAY’s rigorous performance demands.

Pressure Vessels Featuring the Finest Vessel Design

HOLLOWAY engineers specialize in highly polished pressure vessels made with stainless steel and exotic alloys. We consistently work with T-304L, T-316L, T-317L, AL6XN, C-22, C-276, and more. We also have both an ASME U & National Board R stamp for fabrication and repair.

HOLLOWAY AMERICA offers customers our proprietary Vessel Design Manual, detailing the ins and outs of proper design for pressure vessels and pressurized tanks. This 113-page manual covers everything from correct design through inspection procedures. To request a copy, contact HOLLOWAY AMERICA. We’ll mail it the same business day.