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Breaking Ground


HOLLOWAY AMERICA is always looking for ways to improve our already appreciated customer service. Today, we are pleased to let you know that we’ve found another way to accomodate clients. To increase our capacity to deliver ground-breaking solutions, we’re breaking ground on 4,000 square feet of additional fabrication, CNC machining, and electropolishing space. That’s on top of our recent expansion into the 9,600-square-foot building next to our headquarters. We’re now more equipped than ever to provide unsurpassed pressure tanks, components, and custom fabrications—whether incredibly big, small, or unique.

We’ve also acquired a few 5-ton cranes for overhead handling of pressurized tanks and parts, so our machinists and fabricators can more easily work on oversized pieces. Our management team is particularly pleased with the increased safety measures that come with using cranes instead of forklifts. The overhead handling lets our dedicated craftsmen safely access vessels from every angle. The safer we can keep our people, the happier everyone is. And the added benefit for clients is that the products you order are safer than ever from risk of damage.

CNC Machining Capabilities

Your big ideas for improved production often require heavy-duty CNC machining. Our ability to bring your ideas to fruition has recently grown—literally. While we have long been able to say yes, we can do that to your every machining request, expanding our space has further expanded our capabilities. We’ve added 2,000 square feet to the HOLLOWAY Machining Center, and the modifications provide ample room for even the largest pieces of equipment. You think it; we’ll build it.

State-of-the-Art Electropolishing Facility

There’s nothing quite as pretty as a pressure vessel made with high-quality stainless steel, perfectly polished to a 10-RA finish or finer. Right? We sure think so. That’s one big reason we’ve added 2,000 square feet to our fabrication floor. The extra room not only lets us serve more clients at once; it also provided enough space for us to add a state-of-the-art electropolishing area. The new system lets us electropolish stainless steel pressure vessels more efficiently. It also makes it easier to finish bigger vessels, like the 6,000-liter vessels we regularly electropolish.

Latest HOLLOWAY Facility

Early this year, HOLLOWAY learned that the building just east of our headquarters was available. After doing quite a bit of homework and planning, we seized the opportunity to grow into the building and its 9,600 square feet. We have since overhauled the fabrication floor and offices, and then relocated our Preventive Maintenance and YOURSITE™ Field Services departments into the building. The additional fabrication area also provides much-needed space to meet our clients’ many fabrication needs.

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