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First-Person Training, 24/7

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Wouldn’t it be great to have an experienced HOLLOWAY AMERICA craftsmen at your beck and call, ready to provide detailed instructions whenever you want? We completely agree. That’s why we’re introducing our new First-Person™ training videos. After seeing the quality and innovation that firstperson™ INITIATIVE provides, we knew the production company was the perfect choice for our training videos. HOLLOWAY leaders agreed that polished training videos will make an excellent complement to the on-site training we offer as part of our extensive YOURSITE™ Field Services. So while our training experts can’t literally be at your side 24/7, our latest instructional videos are always there to coach you through each task.

Our engineers and fabricators are known for meticulous precision, and we know our clients have come to expect improved efficiency and increased production after installing HOLLOWAY pressure vessels and components. We also understand that our finely crafted equipment won’t perform to its fullest if our clients’ well-intentioned employees aren’t properly trained to use it. To ensure every person on the production or processing line is completely prepared, we’ve selected our most experienced people to star in our First-Person™ training videos.

We’re essentially letting viewers look over our shoulders as some of HOLLOWAY’s finest carefully explain how to install and/or use each piece of equipment discussed in a given video. That gives people a first-hand glimpse at how to do each job efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Train Your Customers

After unveiling a few First-Person™ training videos at INTERPHEX 2012 a couple months ago, our clients and colleagues at the annual conference confirmed that we are really onto something here. In fact, many wanted to know if we could put our HOLLOWAY experts to work for other brands. We certainly can, and we’ve already worked with firstperson™ INITIATIVE to produce a few training videos that are made and presented under our clients’ brands yet feature the hands and voice talent of HOLLOWAY’s own craftsment.

This approach gives our clients the best of both worlds: the videos capture HOLLOWAY’s attention to detail, and our clients get full credit with their customers. It lets us help take our clients’ service and training capabilities to an unparalleled level.

Train Your Employees

To kick off our series of training videos, we began by focusing on three topics for which we commonly hear questions:

Because we get to really know the details of our clients’ processes, we often run into similar questions, about a given product or task, from multiple companies. When we do, we know another training video may be useful. As we discover the need, we plan to release videos for additional vessels and components. And we will, of course, provide videos based on specific requests from clients.

If you’d like HOLLOWAY to lend a helpful hand training your employees or customers, plese give us a call: 866.659.0077

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