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HOLLOWAY Launches New Site

in HOLLOWAY Online

Springfield, MO—HOLLOWAY AMERICA is pleased to welcome you to our new website. Like many of our renowned pressurized tanks and components, the site was custom made to deliver exactly what our customers need. And like all HOLLOWAY products, it has been carefully crafted for high performance. How can our website help our customers in the processing, biotech, food and beverage, dairy, chemical, waste water, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and other industries we serve? Because it was built for intuitive, easy use, the site helps you accomplish your goals quickly so you can get back to your busy day.

Easily Accessed Products and Services

With so many HOLLOWAY products and services available to streamline your production, it’s important that you quickly find your way around the site. To make sure you do, we’ve organized our pressurized tanks and components into logical groupings under the Products tab, and all our CNC machining and stainless fabrication pages are under the Services tab. Multiple entry points on nearly every page let you navigate the site without the need to dig, so accessing the info you need is almost as quick as using a HOLLOWAY-made access port.

Fast-Connect Pages

Countless customers have requested that we post more product pictures. We think that’s a great idea, and to showcase the quality and obsessive attention to detail we’ve built our reputation on, we also increased the size of our pictures. Larger images on the web generally require longer load times; however, as you’d expect from the people who brought you the world-class H-CONNECT, we’ve optimized the site for fast-connecting webpages. And our upcoming portfolio will soon provide in-depth looks at HOLLOWAY’s finest stainless steel fabrication projects.

Detailed Resource Materials

We know our customers well, and if there’s one thing you’re short on, it’s extra time. We also understand that occasionally you’ll need details on HOLLOWAY products and services but simply won’t have time or access to the Internet. Our Downloads section lets you save all the detailed resource materials you need, right to your desktop or mobile device. Of course, if you need an innovative solution to a specific problem involving your pressurized tanks, your personal HOLLOWAY representative is easy to reach by phone: 866.659.0077.

Go-To News Source

As an industry leader, we think it’s important that the HOLLOWAY website serves users as a trusted resource for news and current information. In addition to keeping our entire website up to date, the Big Ideas blog will provide updates on our latest customized designs and stainless fabrication projects. Big Ideas will also include blog entries about any fabrication and machining news we think our customers need to know. If there’s an update to ASME code requirements, you’ll find it here. As 3A, FDA, USDA, API-620 or API-650 standards evolve, we’ll report on it here. As we’re able to offer yet another YOURSITE™ Field Service, we’ll post about it here.

In short, we’re never at a loss for Big Ideas, so check back often.

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