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Made in Missouri: Governor's Exporter of the Year Award


Springfield, MO—Recently, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon presented HOLLOWAY AMERICA the Governor’s Exporter of the Year Award for demonstrating outstanding export performance and working with the Missouri International Trade & Investment Office to increase its reach around the world.

Governor Nixon kicked off the award presentation by thanking HOLLOWAY’s craftsmen, stating “It’s great to be joined by some of our local folks who work in this area, but most importantly by this group of workers who compete worldwide each and every day to make sure Made in Missouri means something and it continues to see a growth process.” Our management and leaders would like to second the governor’s recognition of the stainless steel fabricators and CNC machinists who obsess over every product HOLLOWAY delivers. We truly appreciate our people.

Because we started as a modest fabrication company and worked hard to build it into a global player, Governor Nixon also noted that HOLLOWAY reflects the American dream. “Our friends’ at HOLLOWAY story,” he stated, “is in many ways America’s story. Through innovation and unwavering commitment to the simple idea that if their customers were successful, then HOLLOWAY would be successful, what started as a small machine shop in 1949 is now an industry world leader in pressure vessels, custom fabrication, and precision parts.”

At HOLLOWAY, we’re proud to represent the American success story, and we’re equally proud to help build an even stronger reputation for Missouri. Not a person here falls shy of the Midwest work ethic and ingenuity Missourians are known for, and Governor Nixon took notice: “The folks here are proof that Missouri is home to some of the most skilled and professional workers in the world. And the products they make are valued not only here in America but in every corner of the globe.”

As noted on the Missouri Department of Economic Development website, to earn the Governor’s Exporter of the Year Award, HOLLOWAY AMERICA exceeded the following criteria:

  • Export growth performance
  • Global integration of business and services
  • Innovative approaches to international trade
  • Involvement in international trade development

Acknowledging a few ways we met the criteria above, the governor praised HOLLOWAY for the impact and example we’ve made by obtaining a certified manufacturer’s license to sell our pressurized tanks and components to Chinese markets and by more than doubling our exports in the last 2 years. By the end of 2011, we anticipate our export sales will reach about 10 percent of our total sales. The governor stressed just how crucial this continued growth has been for the Missouri brand: “This is the kind of success that we want to bring to more companies across Missouri, so they too can sell more Missouri products in every corner of the globe and so the people of the world will know the quality behind three words: MadeInMissouri.”

Governor Nixon concluded, “I just can’t tell you how exciting it is as the governor to come to a place that’s got a license to compete in China, is competing on price, is winning on quality, and expanding exports. That is exactly where our economy in the future is going to go.” We thank you, Mr. Governor, and we concur. HOLLOWAY can’t tell you how exciting it was to have you here and how exciting it is that we can continually contribute to a Missouri exports program that is clearly on the rise.

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