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3 Easy Steps to Finding Drawings and Replacement Parts for Precision Stainless Tanks and Pressure Vessels

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Known for their years of worry-free operation, Precision Stainless tanks and pressure vessels have become extremely popular on the used equipment market. But finding information, drawings, or replacement parts for those vessels has historically been a bit of a mystery.

Since 2007, HOLLOWAY AMERICA has continued the Precision Stainless product line and has maintained an extensive database of detailed drawings and component information for the vast majority of Precision Stainless tanks and pressure vessels. By providing just a few pieces of information to our staff, we can help you get your Precision Stainless tank or vessel back into service and keep you on your path to success.

1. Find the vessel data plate.

The first step is to find the vessel data plate. When requesting vessel drawings for Precision Stainless units, the data plate on the sidewall of the unit contains all the information we will need to track down the information on your equipment.

2. Locate the drawing number on the data plate.

HOLLOWAY has offered Precision Stainless tank and pressure vessels since 2007.

In nearly all cases, there is a five digit number on the data plate followed by a “D” or  “-D”.  This is referred to as the drawing number (an example picture of the drawing number is shown above). This number will allow us to locate the vessel information for your particular vessel from our extensive database.

The image above is an example of an early Precision Stainless data plate. In the early years from 1984 to around 1990, this was the standard look of the Precision Stainless data plate. In later years, the data plate changed and the notes section moved from the left to the bottom of the data plate. The information below lists which details are most helpful for HOLLOWAY sales engineers when referencing these numbers.

A. The vessel drawing number, which is shown above as DWG; 42722-D is the most important piece of information that you can give us. This allows us to quickly cross reference the documentation.

B. The vessel serial number, which is shown above as 7373-4, is the work order of the project and the “-4” indicates that this was the 4th vessel on that order. We can look up the vessel information by this number as well. However, this requires more time to complete. 

C. The vessel National Board Serial Number, which is shown above as 1565. This is the sequential order that is assigned to every code vessel that is fabricated by any manufacturer. In most cases, we will be able to cross reference this number. However, it’s a much slower process than either the drawing number or serial number. 

3. Email the drawing number to us.

You may email your request to Or, if you'd like to email one of our specific sales personnel, you can find their individual email addresses on our Contact pageIf you’re having trouble reading or finding the drawing number, just email us a clear picture of the vessel data plate. In many cases, the unit’s serial number may also be used in place of the drawing number to reference the required information.

Whether you’re validating a functioning Precision Stainless vessel and require drawings or you need replacement parts to bring your vessel back to life, let Holloway America place you on the right path.

If you have questions on your Precision Stainless equipment, please email us at or call us toll free at 866-659-0077.

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