Introducing MasterMover® Tug Solutions: The safe way to be more efficient.

Now available through HOLLOWAY AMERICA, MasterMover is the leading manufacturer of battery-powered, pedestrian-operated electric tugs used to move heavy wheeled loads safely and efficiently.

The MasterMover Electric Tugger is shown here in a variety of models.

Move any load up to 790,000 pounds. Without lifting a finger.

MasterMover® is the leading manufacturer of battery-powered, pedestrian-operated electric tugs used to move heavy wheeled loads safely and efficiently. MasterMover® tugs are trusted by global pharmaceutical, healthcare, and manufacturing brands across the globe. And we trust MasterMover, too—not because everyone else does, but because we know a streamlining, efficiency-improving, problem-solving solution when we see one.

What can the MasterMover electric tugger move?

The MasterMover is capable of moving tanks and vessels ranging from 100 pounds to 265,000 pounds:

  • Chromatography columns
  • Mixing vessels
  • Chemical reactors
  • Sterilization tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Bioprocess containers
  • Agitators
  • Single use mixers
  • Media totes

All MasterMover® tugs are designed in conjunction with CE and ISO quality standards.

MasterMover caters to the pharmaceutical industry.

Moving heavy vessels or equipment in sterile pharmaceutical production environments needs to be done safely in order to protect staff and ensure that expensive products are not contaminated or damaged. With adjustable low acceleration speeds, precision parking, and total control, the benefits of a MasterMover Tug are apparent immediately to busy production floors with stringent processes.

Watch the MasterMover at work.

Let our field services team retrofit your equipment for MasterMover.

Did you know that YOUR existing equipment can be modified to work with the MasterMover electric tugger? At HOLLOWAY, we can easily retrofit your equipment to allow for MasterMover brackets. And don't worry about downtime—we'll come to you.

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Allows single operators to move heavy equipment efficiently

Controls movement of heavy and sensitive loads

Small machines for compact environments

No operator license required

Reduces non-value-added time

Significantly reduces manual handling

"With HOLLOWAY, you'll get excellent support from the entire project team. Design, fabrication, testing, inspection and documentation—everyone works together to deliver a first in class product. This team is knowledgeable, courteous, and professional in dealing with all customers."

— Jim D., Pharmaceutical Equipment Inspector

"HOLLOWAY AMERICA employees are dedicated to delivering excellent quality process equipment to the Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical industry and it shows! They're knowledgeable, courteous, and professional in dealing with all customers. It's always a pleasure to work with professionals that take pride in the quality of their work."

— Jim D., Pharmaceutical Equipment Inspector

"Really, if you compare to other manufacturers, HOLLOWAY is really much better, tidier and all around super smooth. The last bit is so important in our industry of medical device manufacturing. And, best of all, working with HOLLOWAY is NOT like a box of chocolates (you never know what you are going to get)... like our previous supplier."

— Rebecca A., OEM Medical Device Supplier Company Owner

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