HOLLOWAY HeavyWall™ CIP Spray Balls

Custom CIP Spray Ball Design to Ensure 100% Coverage of Your Process Vessel. Every Time. Period.

Our CIP sprayball cleaning system creates a better ball of spray.

HOLLOWAY HeavyWall™ CIP Spray Balls for a True Clean

In 1994, Precision Stainless pioneered and developed the custom-drilled spray ball, or sprayball as it is often spelled. At HOLLOWAY, we’ve taken this technology a step further with the introduction of the HOLLOWAY HeavyWall™ spray ball.

Industry wide, the standard spray ball thickness is 16 gauge (or 0.065” wall). Although this has served the industry for some time, the problem of hole ovality due to electropolishing and CIP stream erosion drove us to develop the HOLLOWAY HeavyWall™ spray ball with a wall thickness of 12 gauge (or 0.105” wall).

Our thicker design eliminates the hole ovality problem, and minimizes CIP stream erosion. And, the thicker wall of the spray ball creates a near-rifling effect, producing a tighter and more consistent CIP stream. It also allows longer CIP streams without dissipation, and produces longer spray ball life.

CIP Spray Ball Cleaning Vessel Construction Materials

Our custom design varies from CIP spray ball to spray ball, but HOLLOWAY uses only the finest construction materials for all our spray ball cleaning vessels:

  • T–316L (standard)
  • T–304L
  • T–317L
  • C–22
  • C-276
  • AL-6XN™
  • Other materials available by request

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