The FASTMOUNT™ Adapter

Our FASTMOUNT™ Adapter Is The First & Only Patented ASME-Code Certified Adapter That Promptly Connects TriClamp®-type Equipment to Existing NA-Connect® or H-CONNECT™ mounting flanges.

The FASTMOUNT pipe flange adapter coupling makes fast connections.

The FASTMOUNT™ Adapter: The Tri-Clamp Flange Adapter Coupling

If lost parts, stripped threads, and galling issues are slowing your process and business, let HOLLOWAY AMERICA save you time and money with the patented FASTMOUNT™ Adapter system. The FASTMOUNT™ Adapter converts existing NA-Connect or H-CONNECT™ bolt-style units into a quick-change sanitary clamp-type connection.

Designed for high strength and no weld installation, the FASTMOUNT™ Adapter meets ASME pipe flange adapter requirements. Providing years of worry free service, the adapter is supplied with all of the components and documentation required to convert your bolt-style connection system into a simple, clean, and quick access to all of your vessels’ contents.

Like all HOLLOWAY components, the FASTMOUNT™ Adapter comes standard in 316L material. Stop losing parts and LOSE YOUR WRENCH with the tri-clamp FASTMOUNT™ Adapter, only from HOLLOWAY AMERICA.

FASTMOUNT™ Adapter Dimensions

   SIZE    "A" DIM. "B" DIM. "C" DIM. "D" DIM. "E" DIM. CLAMP SIZE
1/2" 2.516" 0.787" 1.102" 0.250" 0.618" 2"
3/4" 2.516" 0.787" 1.102" 0.250" 0.618" 2"
1" 3.579" 1.575" 2.106" 0.563 0.994" 3"
1-1/2" 3.579" 1.575" 2.106" 0.563" 0.994" 3"
2" 4.683" 2.087" 2.638" 0.313" 0.744" 4"
2-1/2" 5.685" 2.578" 3.169" 0.313" 0.744" 5"
3" 6.570" 3.071" 3.681" 0.750" 1.368" 6"

FASTMOUNT™ Pipe Flange Adapter Construction Materials

For excellent quality, we construct the FASTMOUNT™ Adapter with excellent materials:

  • T–316L (standard)
  • T–304L
  • T–317L
  • C–22
  • C-276
  • AL-6XN™
  • Other materials available by request

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