The intelliVessel™

Introducing the next generation in smart tank technology.

Introducing The intelliVessel™, the new standard of smart tanks for industries of all kinds.

Welcome to the new school of smart tanks.

Discover features and other options for HOLLOWAY's most recent smart tank innovation, The intelliVessel™.

Suddenly, without warning, your current process vessels became obsolete. Outdated. “Old school.” And, while they may still function adequately, there’s a better solution. Faster. Smarter. More cost-effective.

Introducing intelliVessel™, exclusively from HOLLOWAY AMERICA.

Now you can control your vessel’s process with virtually limitless parameters. On site, use its integrated touch screen PLC. Off-site, use your smart phone or tablet to monitor and control remotely.

This is “new school.” This is control and repeatability to the Nth degree. This is intelliVessel™. Only from HOLLOWAY AMERICA.

Features of The intelliVessel™ 

  • Clean design - only the control screen, E-Stop and power switch reside on the panel.
  • Compact Logix PLC and Studio 5000 software provided.
  • Panels are UL508A / CSA listed.
  • Standard communication system is ethernet; all others are available.
  • Integrated WI-FI system control through your smart phone or tablet.
  • Touchscreen sizes from 7” to 14” (Standard is 12”).
  • Three (3) levels of security with different logins provided.
  • Badge scanning for access.
  • Remote mobility and monitoring through secure networks.
  • Data collection, trending, warnings status, and alarms.
  • Ability to set recipes through the system.
  • AOI (Allows the end user to control the vessel with their control system).
  • The intelliVesselTM panel can be integrated into any size vessel.


The intelliVessel™ is a new advancement in smart tanks by HOLLOWAY AMERICA.

The intelliVessel™'s Available Options

  • Mixing Controls (Standard)
  • Pressure Indication (Standard)
  • Temperature Indication (Standard)
  • Light Operations (Standard)
  • Emergency Shutdown / E-Stop (Standard)
  • pH Indication
  • DO Indication
  • Conductivity Indication
  • Radar Level
  • Sensor Monitoring
  • Load Cell Operation & Monitoring
  • Automated Head Lift Operations
  • Data Collection / Chart Recording
  • Pressure Relief Burst Indication
  • Rupture Disk Burst Indication
  • Valve Operations


And so much more!

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