Precision Stainless Parts

Need Precision Stainless, Inc. Replacement Parts & Components For Your Pressure Vessels & Tanks? HOLLOWAY Has The Authentic Parts You Need PLUS A Complete Inventory of HOLLOWAY AMERICA Replacement Parts & Components.

We carry Precision Stainless Inc parts and precision tank and equipment components.

When Pressure Vessel Parts Are The Problem, Our Parts Are The Solution.

Not only do we provide quality replacement parts for HOLLOWAY AMERICA vessels, but we continue to be your go-to source for Precision Stainless tanks and pressure vessel parts, all built to uncompromising standards. That's because the team that comprised the former Precision Stainless, Inc. regrouped as HOLLOWAY AMERICA and made a commitment to continue providing great pressure vessel parts and services for owners of existing Precision Stainless Vessels all over the world.

Apart from building new Precision Stainless Vessels for our customers, we also have a large stock of authentic pressure vessel parts for your existing Precision Stainless Vessels. And we can custom-fabricate those hard-to-find items that can slow down your process. Some of the replacement Precision Stainless items include O-Rings, manway components, ASME ferrule clamps, caps, gaskets, sightglasses, lights, and many more.

From original OEM Precision Stainless parts to new Precision Stainless Pressure Vessels & Tanks, trust HOLLOWAY AMERICA to keep your quality Precision Stainless Vessel up and running for decades to come.

Providing Precision Stainless, Inc. Pressure Vessel Parts

We offer a wide range of Precision Stainless tank and pressure vessel parts including the following items:

  • O-Rings & Gaskets
  • ASME Ferrule Clamps
  • ASME Ferrule Solid End Caps
  • Mounting Flanges, Plugs, Ports, Eyebolts, and O-Rings
  • Replacement Manway Components
  • Sightglasses & Components
  • Replacement Sprayballs
  • Replacement No-Foam Inlets
  • Light Assemblies

Precision Stainless pressure vessel parts are always stocked at Holloway.

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