H-Series™ Manway

Among the most widely used spring-assist stainless steel manways for tanks in the industry, the H-Series™ Manway offers near-perfect reliability and cleanability.

Shown here, our pressure vessel manways are available with spring assist functionality and meet pharmaceutical stainless steel standards.

Reliability. Cleanability. Versatility.

Give your critical processes the benefit of all three with the H-Series™ Manway by HOLLOWAY AMERICA. The HOLLOWAY H-Series™ Manway has set the pharmaceutical/biotech industry standard since the early 1990s. With tens of thousands of units in service today, the H-Series™ has a near-flawless track record of reliability, cleanability, and versatility.

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Put HOLLOWAY's well-crafted pressure vessel manways to work.

Designed by our expert staff of engineers to achieve higher pressure with fewer lugs, our H-Series™ pressure vessel manways make production processes easier with a standardized clamp/lug assembly for easy access—not to mention a sanitary design with proven riboflavin-test acceptance. With our standard hinge and handle design, the H-Series™ is offered with an optional stainless spring assist to create a fast, easy-opening manway.

Have a need for a special fitting or further options on your H-Series™ Manway? Let our experienced component staff make your ideas a reality. When you require perfection and precision for your vessel closure, you can trust the complete line of H-Series™ Pressure Manways from HOLLOWAY AMERICA.

H-Series™ Manway Materials & Finishes

HOLLOWAY offers our H-Series™ manways for tanks in multiple material types that go above and beyond industry requirements, including (but not limited to):

  • 316L
  • 304L
  • C-276
  • C-22
  • AL-6XNÆ*
  • and many others.

Material I.D. and O.D. finishes are available from Mill to 5Ra H-Electropolish™.

The H-Series™ can be provided with the gasket material type best suited for your process, including Silicone, Viton®*, EPDM, Teflon-encapsulated units, and others upon request.

*Viton® is a trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers, LLC; AL-6XN® is a trademark of Allegheny Ludlum.

H-Series™ Manway Dimensions

8" 8-5/8"" 12" 12-3/8" 45 LBS.
10" 10-3/4" 12" 14-1/2" 52 LBS.
12" 12-1/2" 12" 16-1/4" 48 LBS.
14" 14-1/2" 12" 18-1/4" 56 LBS.
16" 16-1/2" 12" 20-1/4" 84 LBS.
18" 18-1/2" 12" 22-1/4" 95 LBS.
20" 20-1/2" 12" 24-1/4" 108 LBS.
22" 22-1/2" 12" 26-1/4" 121 LBS.
24" 24-1/2" 12" 28-1/4" 137 LBS.
26" 26-1/2" 12" 30-1/4" 150 LBS.
28' 28-1/2" 12" 32-1/4" 165 LBS.
30" 30-1/2" 13-1/16" 34-1/4" 184 LBS.
32" 32-1/2" 13-5/16" 36-1/4" 201 LBS.
34" 34-1/2" 14-3/16" 38-1/4" 222 LBS.
36" 36-1/2" 14-5/8" 40-1/4" 240 LBS.
38" 38-1/2" 14-3/4" 42-1/4" 260 LBS.
40" 40-1/2" 15" 44-1/4" 278 LBS.
42" 42-1/2" 15-1/4" 46-1/4" 300 LBS.
44" 44-1/2" 15-9/16" 48-1/4" 320 LBS.
46" 46-1/2" 15-11/16" 50-1/4" 342 LBS.
48" 48-1/2" 16-1/16" 52-1/4" 363 LBS.

* The H-Series Manway weights are estimated based upon the manway size listed on the chart using the lowest lug configuration, hinge and handle. For each additional lug added to the manway, add 5lbs to the weight.

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  • Available for 18" and 24" H-Series™ Manways
  • ASME code rated for 50PSI
  • Provided with a 20Ra surface finish

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H-Series™ Manway Dimensions

We engineer the H-Series Manways for tanks with optional spring assist in these dimensions:

  • 1/4" thick cover & collar on sizes 8" – 26"
  • 5/16" thick cover on sizes 28" – 48"
  • 6" standard collar length (collars up to 72" are available)

Benefits of the H-Series™ Manway

Improved Safety

The H-Series™' locking device locks the cover securely into place during operator use.

Reduced Operator Effort

The H-Series™' knobs reduce operator effort and discomfort during heavy use periods.

Time-Saving Design

The H-Series™ Manway reduces the time required to gain access to the interior of a vessel.

Worry-Free Operation

The H-Series™ has a long track record of low maintenance and high quality.

"HOLLOWAY's tanks are a work of art. We are lucky to have HOLLOWAY as a vendor and appreciate their excellent work!"

— Todd K., Pharmaceutical and Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Owner

"Our tanks look fantastic. HOLLOWAY AMERICA really does a nice job."

— James M., Process Engineer and Pharmaceutical End User

"I wanted to acknowledge the outstanding work HOLLOWAY folks perform with special recognition to their technicians, who are outstanding. They are key for the huge success in the timely turnover of our tank to operations."

— Binaya S., Process Engineer and Pharmaceutical End User

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