Pressure Vessel Regulations

Pressure Vessel Regulations often vary from country to country. Our ability to engineer and fabricate code-ready vessels, on the other hand, is unwavering.

Meeting Pressure Vessel Regulations Worldwide

HOLLOWAY AMERICA’s master craftsmen have extensive experience meeting pressure vessel regulations in numerous countries. Our engineers and craftsmen are also dedicated to remaining educated on the latest pressure vessel regulations, including stringent standards for ASME, PED, and NR-13. HOLLOWAY fabricators and sales engineers are also equally committed to providing stellar service to all our customers—wherever they’re located.

ASME Tanks & Pressure Vessels for the US

HOLLOWAY’s engineers possess the proven expertise to design custom ASME vessels for almost any process or purpose you can dream up. Our understanding of the various ASME Codes and the Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) Standard allows HOLLOWAY AMERICA to design and fabricate vessels and components that meet the requirements for all industries.

PED Pressure Vessels & Parts for the PED Directive in Europe

Since officials in Europe passed the Pressure Equipment Directive, often called the PED directive, in 2002, it is mandatory that pressure-containing equipment, such as piping, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers, be provided with the CE mark to certify that the product meets the strict requirements of the PED.

We can provide PED pressure vessels and equipment for countless processing and manufacturing needs in any of the five possible categories. The category is determined based on the volume, pressure, and type of fluid the equipment contains. Inspection and documentation requirements increase with higher categories.

To serve customers in Europe, HOLLOWAY engineers continually work with our clients and the Notified Body to understand the intended operation of the equipment to ensure all aspects of the PED have been considered.

NR-13 Pressure Vessels & Components for Brazil

The NR-13 pressure vessel regulation refers to Brazil’s minimum standards for engineering, manufacturing, installing, and operating pressure vessels and boilers. All pressure vessels operating in Brazil must first meet the approval of a Brazilian Registered Engineer (BRE), who can ensure NR-13 compliance. Generally, ASME vessels and components meet the pressure vessel regulations for NR-13 products.

HOLLOWAY’s craftsmen are qualified to fabricate NR-13 pressure vessels and components for use in Brazil. To meet additional NR-13 regulations, we can also provide on-site installation as well as training for operators.

Pressure Vessel Certifications

HOLLOWAY AMERICA can provide the following certifications for pressure vessels and parts:

  • ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 “U”
  • ASME BPE Standards
  • CE/PED for Europe
  • National Board “R” Repair Stamp
  • API-620 and API-650
  • ASME B31.3 Process Piping
  • CRN - Canada
  • MOM - Singapore
  • OSHA
  • CSE (Confined Space Entry)
  • USDA and FDA
  • 3A Standards
  • NR-13
  • D1 - China

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