Pad Flanges

HOLLOWAY pad flanges are an important part of our collection of stainless-steel fittings manufactured in-house.

HOLLOWAY fabricates stainless steel pad flanges including raised face flanges.

Raised-Face Flange and Flat Pad Flanges, Fabricated to HOLLOWAY Standards

At HOLLOWAY, we’ve dedicated ourselves to producing the most reliable line of Pad Flanges on the market in order to reduce failures and production stoppage. HOLLOWAY’s line of Pad Flanges are offered in raised and flat-faced versions, and are available in numerous sizes and material types. Stocked with a 25-35Ra I.D. machine finish, our Pad Flanges can be custom ordered to your finish requirements. Sizes available up to 24”. Contact your HOLLOWAY AMERICA Component Sales Department to discuss how our Pad Flanges can add to the success on your next project.

Raised-Face Flange and Flat Pad Flange Stocking and Materials of Construction

We stock raised-face pad flanges in sizes up to 4”, constructed with T–316L S/S. In addition, we can provide pad flanges in sizes up to 24” and in all other stainless and exotic alloy materials of construction.

Table 1—Raised Face Flanges & Flat Face Flanges List

Flange Size O.D. Pad I.D. Pad Finished Thickness Number of Holes
1" 4-1/4" 1.05" 1-1/8" 4
1-1/2" 5" 1.61" 1-1/8" 4
2" 6" 2.07" 1-3/8" 4
2-1/2" 7" 2.47" 1-3/8" 4
3" 7-1/2" 3.07" 1-3/8" 4
4" 9" 4.03" 1-3/8" 8
5" 10" 5.05" 2-11/16" 8
6" 11" 6.07" 1-5/8" 8
8" 13-1/2" 7.98" 1-5/8" 8
10" 16" 10.02" 1-3/4" 12
12" 19" 12.00" 1-3/4" 12

Holloway pad flanges include the raised face flange and the flat face pad flange.

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