Stainless Access Ports

Better performing access ports are among the many stainless steel fittings HOLLOWAY offers to improve your production. Available in 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" ports.

Stainless steel access ports from HOLLOWAY allow quick access.

The HOLLOWAY Stainless Steel Access Port

Looking to reduce your downtime and find a convenient solution to accessing the interior of your vessel? Look no further than the HOLLOWAY Access Port. Designed with your process—and your time—in mind, our Access Ports include easy access handles, hinged covers, and a quick opening clamp-type sanitary ferrule design.

Stocked in 316L material, the HOLLOWAY Access Port can be custom-ordered in exotic materials with a multitude of gasket material options available. Our Access Port is another example of why you can depend on HOLLOWAY AMERICA to provide tank components you can count on and experienced, helpful people to back them up.

Access Port Dimensions

"A" O.D.
"B" I.D.
4" 4.320" 3.832" 3.000" 7.583" 4.375" 2.500"
6" 6.500" 5.782" 4.000" 9.369" 5.564" 2.688"
8" 8.000" 7.782" 4.250" 12.294" 6.828" 2.750"
10" 10.000" 9.760" 4.250" 14.381" 6.828" 2.750"
12" 12.000" 11.760" 4.250" 16.437" 6.828" 2.750"

Access Port Features

We think making your life easier is just another component of excellent service, so we engineer HOLLOWAY stainless steel access ports with convenient features:

  • Various dimensions—4", 6", 8", 10", and 12"
  • Helpful hinged covers
  • Easy-access handles
  • Quick-opening, clamp-type closures
  • Clamp-type sanitary ferrule design

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