The FASTMOUNT™ Split-Ring Flange Low-Profile Split Ring Retainer Flange Meets Strict ASME Codes and Quickly Connects TriClamp®-type Tubing Connections or Instruments.

The FASTMOUNT split-ring flange allows quick connections.

The FASTMOUNT™ Split-Ring Flange. It’s Fast.

Among the most innovative product offerings from HOLLOWAY AMERICA is the FASTMOUNT™ (patent pending). Utilizing a Low-Profile split ring and tri-clamp combination, the FASTMOUNT™ entirely eliminates the need for connection bolting. This brings an end to stripped threads, galling, and lost parts that can dramatically slow your process. Our incredibly strong and thin Low Profile retaining rings allow for quick installation and removal for all of your probing and sample needs and is also compatible with the NovaAseptic NovaSeptum®* sampling system.

The HOLLOWAY FASTMOUNT™ is stocked in a standard 1-3/8” thickness but can be special ordered with custom angles and thicknesses, and CNC coped for easier installation into the shell of your vessel. We can also customize the FASTMOUNT™ to meet any material and polishing requirements that your process demands.

A groundbreaking, innovative, and time-saving product, the FASTMOUNT™ is yet another example of HOLLOWAY’s continued leadership in the vessel component fabrication industry. 

*NovaSeptum® is a trademark of EMD Millipore.

FASTMOUNT™ Dimensions

1/2" 2.192" 0.370" 60° 1.375" 0.250" 2"
3/4" 2.192" 0.620" 60° 1.375" 0.250" 2"
1" 3.300" 0.870" 70° 1.375" 0.313" 3"
1-1/2" 3.300" 1.370" 70° 1.375" 0.313" 3"
2" 4.230" 1.870" 75° 1.375" 0.313" 4"
2-1/2" 5.161" 2.370" 60° 1.625" 0.313" 5"
3" 5.161" 2.870" 60° 1.625" 0.313" 5"
4" 6.000" 3.832" 60° 1.625" 0.375" 6"
6" 8.000" 5.782" 60° 1.750" 0.500" 8"

Split-Ring Flange Construction Materials

To ensure the FASTMOUNT™ split-ring flange is both ultra-thin and reliably durable, we construct it with the following materials:

  • T–316L (standard)
  • T–304L
  • T–317L
  • C–22
  • C-276
  • AL-6XN™
  • Other materials available by request

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