HOLLOWAY provides tank manways for both pressure and atmospheric applications. These manway designs include our widely trusted H-Series™ Manway and Cross-Arm Manway.

Your Tank Manway Solution

A well-manufactured tank manway can be a great asset to a vessel. On the other hand, a poorly manufactured manway can bring your production to a screeching halt. Manways from HOLLOWAY AMERICA can prove to be a huge benefit to you and your operation.

From the world-renowned H-Series™ O-Ring Pressure Manway to our ever-popular atmospheric Cross Arm Manway, HOLLOWAY tank manways are considered to be standards of the industry worldwide.


We're ready to craft your solutions.

America's biggest companies trust Holloway America to craft the stainless steel pressure vessels, tanks, and components that are crucial for their processes. Don't take our word for it, though. Discover the quality yourself.