YOURSITE™ Field Services

With YourSite™ Field Services, We Can Perform On-Site Tank Remediation, Retrofits, Modification, And Fabrication To Eradicate Downtime And Streamline Your Processes.

Master Craftsmen On-Site in No Time

At HOLLOWAY AMERICA, we have multiple Field Service teams ready to dispatch at your convenience. From on-site remediation services to on-site electropolishing services, HOLLOWAY is the answer to the costly problem of stalled equipment. With trucks in the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast, we can be at your facility (YOURSITE™) in the US the very next day.

From the simple to the complex, we can provide you with the YOURSITE™ Field Services solutions to solve your changing process problems.


To keep your processes on track, HOLLOWAY's master craftsmen perform important services at your place:

  • Fitting Additions/Reductions/Modifications
  • Thermal Expansion Correction (Alcoves, Breast Rings, Legs, Outer Sheathing)
  • Heat Transfer Repairs
  • Vessel Leak Repairs
  • Vessel Polishing and Remediation
  • On-Site Electropolishing
  • Agitation Alterations/Replacement
  • On-Site CIP Testing
  • Vessel Volume Additions (adding 1,000 liters to a vessel)
  • On-Site Vessel Fabrication
  • Vessel Suite Remediation
  • Work on HOLLOWAY AMERICA / Precision Stainless vessels as well as other manufacturers’ vessels

"Having been in this industry for 26 years, I have seen a lot of repairs and refurbishments. Your field mechanics did an outstanding job in replacing the mag drive mixer and EP finish on our tank. The expertise and care they displayed working with our staff at our facility was unparalleled. Once the job was completed, you couldn’t tell that this tank was ever outfitted with a different mixer or that any repairs were even completed."

— Ryan, Field Service Customer in Pharmaceutical Industry

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