Polishing & Finishing

The master polishers at HOLLOWAY can achieve incredibly fine finishes for electropolished stainless steel.

Using a stainless steel polisher lets us finish projects perfectly.

Finishing and Polishing Stainless Steel to Stringent Specifications

From our early days as Precision Stainless, we invested millions of dollars in personnel, equipment, and the development of polishing procedures to meet our own ever-increasing demands for perfection. From the 1980’s to today, we have perfected our polishing process to provide you with some of the highest quality material finishes in the world. We have a strict “No Rouge, No Chalk, No Polishing Compound” policy, guaranteeing you that no foreign polishing compounds are used. Ever. We guarantee our finishes and workmanship and stand behind our quality. We can provide material finishes as low as 5Ra, with HOLLOWAY H-Electropolish™ being a recommended option for process equipment.

In addition, HOLLOWAY AMERICA is now proud to offer shell and head spin-polishing services to all of our customers. Our new custom and state-of-the-art spin-polishing equipment and dedicated floor space give us the capability to mechanically polish the I.D. and O.D. of your equipment to a wide range of material finishes that best suits your needs. Our craftsmen take great pride in providing the highest quality surface finishes in the industry, and are dedicated to verifying and protecting your polished material. Each polished item is inspected for quality and provided with certification-of-conformance to your polishing specifications. From small heads to complete vessel shells, contact HOLLOWAY today to discuss your polishing needs.

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