Repairing Stainless Steel

HOLLOWAY specializes in heavy equipment repairs, ranging from fixing stainless steel scratches to maintaining equipment.

Our stainless steel repairs include heavy equipment repair.

Stainless Steel Repairs by HOLLOWAY Experts

Choosing HOLLOWAY for repairing stainless steel tanks, pressure vessels, and equipment is a sound business choice. Since opening our doors in 1949, we’ve specialized in repairing stainless steel equipment, large and small. Whether fixing stainless steel scratches, repairing major dents, or maintaining your new or existing equipment, we do repairs your way, the first time.

We’ve built our exceptional reputation on honesty, integrity, and quality performance. 

Repairing Stainless Steel Equipment. Like New.

Because breakdowns cost you money with every minute lost, repairing stainless steel quickly and completely is our standard practice. We perform stainless repair with your production in mind, so we offer heavy equipment repair that gets production up and running before your profits come crashing down.

We’ve been repairing stainless steel equipment for over 55 years, and quick, like-new repairs are what we do best. Think your project is too big? Not a chance. To learn more about how HOLLOWAY handles stainless steel repair, contact our service division.

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