Purity. Precision. Perfection. They're your process requirements—and our obsession.

At HOLLOWAY AMERICA, our commitment to superior, industry-leading quality complements the stringent, non-negotiable processes required of the pharmaceutical and biotech worlds in which you're a part. It's a commitment that permeates every aspect of your relationship with us. From the initial conversation to the project install and beyond, your relationship with us—and our solutions—will remove you forever from considering ordinary solutions.


Our pharmaceutical-grade tanks and vessels lead the industry.

Our well-established reputation for excellence in the pharmaceutical world is a point of pride. Our seasoned engineers and craftsmen uphold that pride by custom designing and manufacturing our pressure vessels, bioreactors, and smart tanks with a rare, detail-oriented blend of leading-edge product engineering and innovative thinking.

At our state-of-the-art facilities built expressly for stainless steel fabrication, our seasoned design engineers use the most advanced computer-aided design (CAD) technology to craft ASME-rated bioreactors, sanitary pressure vessels, and sterile holding tanks that put your biggest pharma process challenges in your rearview mirror. From one liter to 60,000. From holding to recovery to fermentation. From timeless components to smart tanks

Our attention to detail at every turn is why we're trusted by dozens of household names in the pharmaceutical and biotech world. We'd love for you to join them.

Our At-a-Glance Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries Capabilities

While our design engineers and craftsmen at HOLLOWAY AMERICA proudly build custom-engineered vessels and tanks to exacting specifications for your unique needs, our standard capabilities include:

  • ASME-rated sanitary pressure vessels
  • Bioreactors
  • Fermentation vessels
  • CIP vessels
  • Media prep vessels
  • Smart tanks and vessels, like The intelliVessel™
  • Mixing tanks
  • Sterile holding tanks
  • Recovery pharmaceutical tanks
  • WFI Tanks

Our tank sizes typically range from one liter to 60,000 liters and are available with our patented design innovations:

  • Full vessel drainability with SureDrain™ technology
  • Fully-integrated CIP/SIP systems 
  • Certified Precision Sprayball Coverage before shipment (pioneered by Precision Stainless in 1994)
  • H-Series™ Sanitary O-Ring Manways, engineered to 150 psig, with swing-bolted C-clamp design
  • Custom design/engineer/build for unique applications


At HOLLOWAY, we understand where you're coming from, what your pharma and bio process problems are, and what you need out of your pressure vessels and tanks to maintain your operation and grow your bottom line. Our commitment to seeing your problems and needs through your eyes is why our pharmaceutical clients value their relationships with us as much as they value their world-class tanks. Learn more about what sets us apart.


At HOLLOWAY, we're committed to quality. From every angle.


Our vessels are built to code—and built to perform—so you can give your process functions limitless capability.

PMI Testing

Our meticulous testing ensures your equipment is built from the exact materials your process requires.

Sprayball Coverage Testing

Our riboflavin coverage testing ensures your sanitation processes are as flawless as your tanks.

Quality Materials & Surface Finishes

With industry-surpassing materials of construction and exacting finishes, our tanks and vessels are built to last.

Our Certifications

Get the peace-of-mind that comes from working with well-trained craftsmen.

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"With HOLLOWAY, you'll get excellent support from the entire project team. Design, fabrication, testing, inspection and documentation—everyone works together to deliver a first in class product. This team is knowledgeable, courteous, and professional in dealing with all customers."

— Jim D., Pharmaceutical Equipment Inspector

"I wanted to acknowledge the outstanding work HOLLOWAY folks perform with special recognition to their technicians, who are outstanding. They are key for the huge success in the timely turnover of our tank to operations."

— Binaya S., Process Engineer and Pharmaceutical End User

"Overall, HOLLOWAY AMERICA did a great job on the product contacting surfaces. The company left a very good impression with us. All staff is highly professional and very friendly and the shop is immaculate."

— Burkard K., Engineer and Pharmaceutical End User

"I was floored with HOLLOWAY's outgoing hospitality and kindness. HOLLOWAY certainly impressed me with history and having up-to-date tech. Having been to so many competitors, I see the difference now with such devoted people."

— James B., Process Engineer and Pharmaceutical End User

"HOLLOWAY AMERICA employees are dedicated to delivering excellent quality process equipment to the Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical industry and it shows! They're knowledgeable, courteous, and professional in dealing with all customers. It's always a pleasure to work with professionals that take pride in the quality of their work."

— Jim D., Pharmaceutical Equipment Inspector

"Our tanks look fantastic. HOLLOWAY AMERICA really does a nice job."

— James M., Process Engineer and Pharmaceutical End User

"Thanks for a great job on our tank. We got the room back to manufacturing in time."

— Hyder A., Sr. Process Specialist and Pharmaceutical End User

We're ready to craft your solutions.

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