An Important Message Regarding COVID-19

While HOLLOWAY AMERICA is continuing to provide critical products and services during this coronavirus pandemic, we want to give you further information as circumstances continue to evolve. In this notice, we will cover the following points concerning HOLLOWAY AMERICA and the COVID-19 virus.

HOLLOWAY AMERICA continues to provide critical products and services amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

First and foremost, while everyone is affected by this global pandemic, we want those stricken with this disease to know that we remember you in prayer and desire your full and complete recovery. To those who grieve the loss of loved ones during this time, you are remembered as well. 

We recognize the extreme bravery and sacrifice of our first-responders, physicians, and healthcare workers who are fighting a very real battle against an unseen enemy. We salute you and lift up prayers of thanks and protection for you.

While Missouri Governor Mike Parson has limited gatherings of more than 10 people, and most major Missouri municipalities have issued stay-at-home orders to all except for those involved in essential business, HOLLOWAY AMERICA has been deemed an essential business to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Food fields to assist in the continued production of medicines, foods, and beverages throughout the nation. Therefore, we will continue to provide you, our customers, with the critical equipment, components, and services you require to continue your business operation. 

Actions We Are Taking

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to provide the following critical information to our customers, visitors, and suppliers. More detailed information is available about many of the following items in the sections below: 

  • Our concern and prayers are with the afflicted, the first-responders, the physicians and healthcare workers during this difficult time.
  • HOLLOWAY AMERICA will continue operations into the foreseeable future because we have been deemed an essential business to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Food industries.
  • Our “Safe Workplace Initiative” legacy continues to expand and evolve during this crisis as our Associates seek to mitigate the transmission of this virus. See OUR SAFE WORKPLACE INITIATIVE.
  • Our Associates are cooperating by following special CDC and WHO safety guidelines and protocols.  They are also utilizing digital technology to avoid face-to-face meetings. See ASSOCIATE COOPERATION.
  • All customer, visitor, and supplier visits to our campus have been suspended until further notice. See CUSTOMER, VISITOR, AND SUPPLIER VISITS TO OUR CAMPUS.
  • Travel by our Sales Engineers to customer sites has been suspended until further notice. See SALES ENGINEER TRAVEL TO CUSTOMER SITES.
  • Daily, we are deep cleaning and sanitizing the facility community areas. See FACILITY SANITATION.
  • Project shipments are expected to continue uninterrupted. See PROJECT SHIPMENTS.
  • Service Division repairs at customer sites will continue but may be delayed due to travel by land rather than air.  Repairs of customer equipment in our facility will continue uninterrupted. See SERVICE DIVISION.


Creating a safe and healthy workplace for our associates, clients, suppliers, and visitors has always been paramount in our culture. Maintaining and improving on that high standard is now more critical than ever before. Going forward, these are the things we’re doing at HOLLOWAY AMERICA to fight against the spread of COVID-19:


Since we must continue to share workspace as we work together, all our associates have been trained on how to mitigate the transmission of communicable diseases in the work environment. This includes following CDC and WHO guidelines like staying home when sick, washing hands properly and frequently, etc. In addition, associate Social Distancing is required, and those who are able to do so will work from home using technology (telephone, video conferencing, email, etc.) rather than face-to-face meetings.


As of March 18, 2020, all non-essential customer, visitor, and supplier visits to our Springfield, Missouri campus has been halted, and facility access will be granted on a case-by-case basis only.


As of March 16, 2020, all HOLLOWAY AMERICA Sales Engineers have been asked to cease travel to customer sites until further notice. Instead, they should communicate with all customers and prospects through whatever digital means necessary to best serve their customers.


The facility community areas are deep-cleaned nightly, and all hard contact surfaces are sanitized.


As an essential business to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Food industries, we don’t anticipate interruptions to shipments at this time.


There are two facets of this division:

  1. service of customers’ equipment at their sites (YourSite™ Service), and
  2. service of the customers’ equipment at our facility.

While we are making every effort to complete repairs to customer equipment in the field (YourSite™), this has become more difficult with the suspension of many commercial air flights. Critical YourSite™ repairs will still be performed using slower land travel rather than air travel. Repairs of customer equipment in our facility will not be affected.

We offer our most sincere thanks to you for allowing us to walk alongside you during this challenging time in our nation’s history. We’re confident we’ll forge a stronger bond as we link arms and strive together toward a better future.