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Introducing The HOLLOWAY HOLDER™. The New Standard For Single-Use Bag Fluid Management.

A photo of the HOLLOWAY HOLDER™

In the realm of single-use, proper management and control of your single-use process bags is critical.

Since 2007, HOLLOWAY AMERICA has crafted scores of fully-customized single-use bag holders, mixers, and bioreactors for our customers.  Drawing on that deep experience, we’ve created the new HOLLOWAY HOLDER™, the ultimate line of single-use bag holders. 

Available in a vast array of sizes – from 200 L to 5000 L –  the HOLLOWAY HOLDER line provides a lengthy list of standard features and optional customizations that provide maximum efficiency to your single-use process – and multiple benefits to your bottom line.

So, if you’re exploring single-use options, hold it.  Reliably.  Efficiently.  Elegantly.  With the new HOLLOWAY HOLDER™ Single-Use Bag and Fluid Management System, exclusively from HOLLOWAY AMERICA.  Contact your HOLLOWAY AMERICA Regional Sales Manager and begin your single-use discussion today. 

Some Unique Features of the HOLLOWAY HOLDER™

  • 304L stainless steel construction for maximum container strength and long-life
  • Polished 304L stainless steel outer sheathing for superior wash-down design
  • Designed and engineered to fit most popular bag models from major manufacturers
  • Sanitary, FullView sightglass provides large viewing area for enhanced product visibility
  • Unique, Integrated System to Help You Manage Your Product Better.
    • H-Guard™ Door Interlock mechanism is pressure-activated and prevents access to the tank interior while bag is full.
    • SureDrain™ SD Bottom Plate is HDPE (high-density polyethylene), and is beveled and contoured; utilizes HOLLOWAY AMERICA SureDrain™ technology for improved product drainage and maximum product recovery.
    • Holloway Single-Use Bag Tube Management is integrated into the bottom plate; unique split design provides easier tubing control, and is customizable for bag tube layout.
  • Optional front-mounted manual bag lift system with tension adjustment knob and optional cable guard for positive control of bag deployment.
  • Optional heavy-duty casters are available
  • Optional dimple heat transfer jacket with 2" insulation.
  • Choose from three HOLLOWAY HOLDER™ models:
    • HOLLOWAY HOLDER™ (available in 200/250 L, 500 L, and 1000 L sizes)
    • HOLLOWAY HOLDER NEST™ Stackables (available in 200/250 L, 500 L, and 1000 L sizes)
    • HOLLOWAY HOLDER MAXX™ (available in 1000/1500 L, 2000 L, 2500 L, 3000 L, 3500 L, and 5000 L sizes)

"HOLLOWAY's tanks are a work of art. We are lucky to have HOLLOWAY as a vendor and appreciate their excellent work!"

— Todd K., Pharmaceutical and Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Owner

"I was floored with HOLLOWAY's outgoing hospitality and kindness. HOLLOWAY certainly impressed me with history and having up-to-date tech. Having been to so many competitors, I see the difference now with such devoted people."

— James B., Process Engineer and Pharmaceutical End User

"I wanted to acknowledge the outstanding work HOLLOWAY folks perform with special recognition to their technicians, who are outstanding. They are key for the huge success in the timely turnover of our tank to operations."

— Binaya S., Process Engineer and Pharmaceutical End User

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