VesselWellness™ Program

Our VesselWellness™ Program is critical for preventive maintenance of equipment. By testing pressure vessels for life expectancy, we can plan replacements before the need stops production.

Pressure Vessel Inspection Procedure for Well-Working Equipment

What is the HOLLOWAY VesselWellness™ Program? It’s a procedure whereby tanks and pressure vessels can be examined on a regular basis, much like when a person makes an occasional trip to the doctor for a wellness exam or checkup. Only now, if your tank or pressure vessel is in need of a wellness exam or checkup, you can call the VesselWellness™ Experts at HOLLOWAY AMERICA.

Our VesselWellness™ Program is a multi-step inspection program designed to assess the overall condition, or “wellness,” of your vessel. From Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) inspections, visual inspections, surface finish conditions and certified visual inspections, HOLLOWAY can determine your vessel’s condition and even determine the remaining life expectancy of your vessels based on our data collection and compare it to the manufacturer’s original design data.

This will help you plan for the future and discover hidden equipment maladies while they are still treatable and curable. A thorough “Diagnostics Condition Report” will accompany your vessel’s check up and provide you comprehensive data on the vessels current condition. It's a great tool for the capital equipment planning process!

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