Heating and Cooling Vessels

Maintain Precise Temperatures To Maintain Critical Product Integrity.

For heat and cooling systems that last, we use dimple heat transfer technology.

Heating and Cooling Vessels for Temperature Regulation

In your industry, precision is paramount. Whether creating reactions for pharmaceuticals, mixing foods or liquids, extracting liquids, distilling mixtures, or performing any number of processes, maintaining optimal product temperature is crucial.

Our many decades of experience have taught us to design and engineer heating and cooling tanks and vessels to perform to our meticulous standards—so your production line can perform to yours.

For instance, to improve reliability of your vessel, HOLLOWAY reinforces all heat transfer connections with pipe headers rather than box headers. Why? Because you have so much riding on the accurate temperature regulation of each heating vessel and cooling vessel.

Heating and cooling vessels from HOLLOWAY provide a true heat transfer.

High-Performance Features for Heating and Cooling Tanks and Vessels

As always, we offer the optional performance features you deserve for your heating vessel and cooling vessel:

  • Dimpled surfaces
  • Half-Pipe design
  • Open jackets

Heating Vessel & Water Boiler Tank Construction Materials

Whatever your heating vessel or water boiler tank will be used for, you can rest easier knowing HOLLOWAY uses only the highest quality construction materials:

  • T–316L (standard)
  • T–304L
  • T–317L
  • C–22
  • C-276
  • AL-6XN™
  • Other materials available by request

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