Surface Finishes for Stainless Pressure Vessels & Components

Putting our perfectionist ways to use, we can achieve the finest finishes for machine-finished and electropolished stainless steel.

Fine Finishes for Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels & Components

HOLLOWAY AMERICA’s pressure vessel fabricators approach every detail of a project with compulsive perfectionism. That includes our finishes.  We believe the finish is of the utmost importance, so we grind all interior welds smooth and flush. If you choose a polished exterior, we grind all exterior welds smooth and flush as well. And we’ll help you select the appropriate finish for your unique vessel or part, from mill finish to a 75 Ra finish to a 5 Ra finish to finer than a 320 grit finish.

Electropolishing for a 10 Ra Finish or Finer

We can perform electropolishing to achieve the following on finishes for stainless steel vessels:

  • Premium ultra-smooth finish
  • Passivation and maximum corrosion resistance
  • Extremely high gloss to enhance the release of impurities, so it’s easier to clean and sanitize
  • Finish polishes available to 10 Ra and lower

Machine Finishing to Achieve a 25 Ra Finish to 35 Ra Finish

We can machine finish your stainless steel vessels to achieve the following:

  • 25–35 Ra internal finish
  • 35–45 Ra external finish
  • Additional polishing services available upon request
  • Material Test Reports (MTRs) supplied, standard

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