Stainless Steel Plugs and CNC Machine Parts

Our stainless steel fittings include the plugs and other parts that will make your big idea a reality.

HOLLOWAY offers stainless steel plugs and cnc machine parts, including mounting adapters.

Exceptional Stainless Steel Plugs & CNC Machine Parts

Small parts can make a big difference, either bad or good. The HOLLOWAY AMERICA line of CNC machine parts and vessel components ensures that difference will be a positive one. We manufacture high quality stainless steel plugs and mounting adapters to fit every need, including custom polishes and exotic materials.

HOLLOWAY plugs and machine parts are available in many dimensions and lengths and can be altered in many ways to fit your process needs. For a quote and information on availability, contact HOLLOWAY AMERICA’s Component Sales Department.

We also invite you to peruse the tables below to learn specifics about our stainless steel plugs and mounting adapters. Use the following tips when reviewing the tables:

  • To ensure proper sealing, the inside diameter of the weld port MUST be reamed—after welding—to 0.984" ‒ 0.984".
  • The 25mm dimension refers to the diameter of the plug.
  • All dimensions represent the distance from the tip of the plug or adapter to the furthest distance that is considered a product contact surface.

Table 1—Stainless Steel Mounting Adapters List

Part Number
Description & Size
Material Type
MA25-40S Mounting Adapter; 40mm Straight SA479-316/316L 1.575"
MA25-50S Mounting Adapter; 50mm Straight SA479-316/316L 1.969"
MA25-60S Mounting Adapter; 60mm Straight SA479-316/316L 2.362"
MA25-40A Mounting Adapter; 40mm Angled SA479-316/316L 1.575"
MA25-48A Mounting Adapter; 48mm Angled SA479-316/316L 1.890"
MA25-55A Mounting Adapter; 55mm Angled SA479-316/316L 2.165"

Table 2—Stainless Steel Plugs List

Part Number
Description & Size
Material Type
PA25-40S Adapter Plug; 40mm Straight SA479-316/316L 1.574"
PA25-48S Adapter Plug; 48mm Straight SA479-316/316L 1.889"
PA25-55S Adapter Plug; 55mm Straight SA479-316/316L 2.165"
PA25-60S Adapter Plug; 60mm Straight SA479-316/316L 2.362"
PA25-40A Adapter Plug; 40mm Angled SA479-316/316L 1.480"
PA25-48A Adapter Plug; 48mm Angled SA479-316/316L 1.795"
PA25-55A Adapter Plug; 55mm Angled SA479-316/316L 2.071"
PA25-60A Adapter Plug; 60mm Angled SA479-316/316L 2.268"

Table 3—Mounting Adapters & Stainless Steel Plugs Accessories List

Part Number
Description & Size
Material Type
TC25.710 Threaded Cap; 25mm SA479-316/316L
EB25-1 Forged Eyebolt; 25mm 18-8 S/S
OR25-Viton O-Ring; Viton VITON
OR25-Silicone O-Ring; Platinum Cured Silicone PCWS

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